Thursday, 8 February 2018


Life is a game. A tricky one. Where nobody has the idea whether they are chasing life or life is chasing them.
But we all want an ideal life situation just like the ideal gas situation in chemistry which is attained only on paper.
We all have been asked at some point or the other, who is your inspiration? Some says Mahatama Gandhi, for some it's APJ Abdul Kalam and it goes on. I often used to wonder where my life's inspiration could lie. I had none. Necessarily because of two reasons. first, for a good chunk of my life, I didn't knew the meaning of the word inspiration. And later, I just couldn't relate myself to any of those great people we read about.
But then as I progressed in life, I also found one and with valid reasons. My Dad. He had his own set of struggles but he made it big with his dedication and determination.
Inspiration needs to be real time and I firmly believe that it needs to be changed as you progress in life. And so did mine.
I happened to find my new inspiration or you may say I stumbled upon my new inspiration pretty recently.
A few days ago, one of my friends was emotionally down and pretty vulnerable. And like any other best friend it was not just my duty to console her but to shove the reality into her face. Was not to tell her that everything will be fine but to let her know that she needs to understand, what's next?
Because when I was in the same situation a year and a half ago, god I was traumatized. I was ridiculously insane. And there she saw me what I was back then and what I am now. She saw a change in me, she saw me grew stronger over time. And man, was she proud of me. The moment she said that she is proud of me, I completely lost it for a few seconds. I went into introspection. Because I did not realise it till then that I am better than yesterday, stronger than yesterday and definitely a lot is on my way.
And when I look back at that journey, I see heartbreak, I see separation, I see pain but above all, I see a girl who once gave upon herself and in the journey that led from there brought nothing but growth. A journey that she owns. And there I became my own inspiration.
And trust me if we look back in our individual lives, all of us will realise that we are our true inspirations.
The moment you realise this one thing, your life will change. I am not saying that you will not get into troubles or there won't be any challenges, but for sure you will have a trust, a believe in yourself. You will be a firm believer of yourself and nothing can bring you down. And you will be like, _huh_ bring it on life.
Every life out there is a raw food that needs to be cooked in the fire of struggles to attain the taste of pride, valour and confidence.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017



                                            Maybe 'coz I don't wanna get out of this pain,
                                            Maybe 'coz I just wanna sulk in this feeling.

                                            Maybe it's possible to not to feel this way at all,
                                            But maybe there is a special kind of liberty in it.

                                            Maybe or May not be he is the one,
                                            But maybe he loves me in my dreams,
                                            And maybe I live to dream,
                                            And maybe this dream is the food to my soul.

                                            Maybe I am used to this chaos now,
                                            Or maybe this chaos keeps me going.

                                            Maybe me and my pain are one now, secretly,
                                            'Coz maybe we meet each other often enough.

                                            Maybe he is a part of me,
                                            And maybe I am just a lesson to him.

                                            Maybe Or May not be.............

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Social Hypocrites

Sitting back at my study table in the dorm room and watching the scenic beauty of the Aravali’s, a sudden thought flashed through my mind ” What could be the easiest thing to do being a so called social animal ?”
“Judging people”, A voice answered from within.
But judging and forming opinion are the same things. Right ?
Pondering upon the situation I realized, “No, they are not”.
We often form an opinion of someone or somebody after having a personal interaction or a personal encounter, but we judge a person by what we hear about them without even trying to know how much of that is even true.
We often judge people with the way they dress up, their sexuality, their boldness, their smoking and drinking habits, never ever trying to know, what kind of person at heart he really is.
I’ve been judged over a hundred of times from being called “NOT A GOOD GIRL” to “DESPERATE”.
And the worst part of all is that they never ever had a one on one conversation with me and still they know me much much better than I know myself or for the sake my friends and family know me.
I can’t say it does not bother me at all because at times it does as at the end of the day even I have feelings but after a period of time I really don’t care.
But the best part of all, as one of my friends always tells me is that, these social hypocrites are giving ten precious minutes of their lives to us which they would have easily used for their own good.
They listen something else, they understand something else and then they vomit completely something else. And certain things they say doesn’t even make sense at all. Breakup over a paneer. Really ?
I remember an instance when one of my friends came up to me commenting about someone else’s short skirt completely forgetting what she herself was wearing at that point of time. Sometimes these double standards really gets on my nerves.
We never know what a person has actually gone through, what has made them the way they are today and they certainly don’t need your sympathy but the best one can do is stop judging. It’s not that hard.
Our own lives are not perfectly smooth and still we have the audacity to poke our nose in someone else’s life and judging them giving them one more reason to overthink. Don’t lower down your level to a point from where it becomes really difficult for you to make a comeback.

Reasons They Give


Her skirt was the reason they said,
Then why was the one in saree got raped???
She incited him they said,
Then why was the eleven months old got raped???
She was out in the dark they said,
Then why was the one at home got raped???
She was out with the boy they said,
Then why was the one with parents got raped???

It’s not about the skirt,
It’s not about incitation,
It’s not about day and night,
It’s not about the place,
But it’s all about the mindsets that got raped……

Behind The Closed Doors


Behind the closed doors
A heart was crying,
The walls of the dorm
saw the teary eyes.

A heart was wrenching
for an unheard voice,
the cage of the sufferings
was not her choice.

The ceaseless lips
are sealed now,
And the hopeless eyes resides more
Behind the closed doors.

Obsessed With Beauty


Beauty – often confused with the fairer skin tone leaving behind the actual notion related to the word.
Beauty as it is portrayed on the silver screen has actually nothing to do with the complexion of a person rather it lies in our imperfections. Beauty lies within our thoughts, in our soul, in our strengths and in our confidence.
The perfect jaw line, the perfect figure and the spotless skin all are transitory. And blue eyes actually don’t “hypnotize”.
We as a whole need to accept the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The stronger you are, the beautiful you are. We don’t have to be perfect to be called as beautiful.
Everytime you want to see someone beautiful just go and stand in front of a mirror with lots of confidence, the beauty resides there.
Beauty is your survival through tough times. Your efforts to make someone smile, to make them feel special is what makes you beautiful. From the next time when someone makes you feel ugly, just think of their inner beauty and the darker side of their heart.
And respect what you have because till the time you’ll not respect yourself, no one else ever will.

Dreams To Reality


In the midst of the dawn
I saw a dream,
A pair of swan,
In the lake of cream.

Far from the lives
Of inhumane acts,
fluttering their wings,
Just like the kings.

Kings of the lake
And the kings of their dreams,
Unaware of the nature
Of a modern Creature.

In the pair of Swan,
One was me
In search of thy
And woke up to the realm of the real sky.